Our level of service to you is totally up to you and is classified by the following product levels.



When time is of the essence we help you achieve your certification promptly with minimal disruption to you or your business.


We determine existing short falls, plan and agree on tasks, we do some/all of your documentation (policies, procedures, forms, templates and reporting mechanisms), periodic checks to review the progress of the implementation, provide solutions to issues and do your internal audits.


Finally we agree on the system developed and submit an application to be audited by the certification authority.



Where we consult, advise and point out the fastest route in achieving your certification and therefore allowing you to manage the set up on your own.


We then assist you with is identifying any short falls, help you plan, follow up on your progress to keep you on track, provide solutions, review your documentation and assist/review your internal audits.


Where we help you maintain your business management system to ensure on-going compliance.


This is tailored to your individual business needs as we understand small to medium business’s sometimes don’t have the full time resources devoted to ensure compliance.



THE END RESULT is that you then own a system which will suit your existing business and be flexible enough to adjust to the ever changing business environment with minimal maintenance.

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