Certifying your company’s Workplace Health and Safety Management System means:


  • A safer workplace - An workplace health and safety management system enables you to identify hazards, assess risks and put the necessary risk control measures in place to prevent accidents.


  • Stakeholder confidence - An independently assessed workplace health and safety management system tells your stakeholders that you have met a number of legal and regulatory requirements, giving stakeholders confidence in your organization. You also avoid the bad publicity that goes with workplace accidents.


  • Morale - Implementing workplace health and safety management system demonstrates a clear commitment to the safety of your staff and can contribute to a more motivated, efficient and productive workforce.


  • Reduced costs - Fewer accidents means less expensive downtime for your organization. Certification of your workplace health and safety management system improves your insurance liability rating.


  • Training - An workplace health and safety management system highlights whether or not your employees are competent for the task they are performing, which impacts on training and teamwork. The regular assessment process will help you continually monitor and improve your Health & Safety performance.

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